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The purpose of this study was to determine whether there was any difference among sex and gender identity groups for salespeople in terms of psychological job outcomes, namely job stress, organizational commitment, intention to leave, and job satisfaction. Data was collected from salespeople using a survey. The questionnaire used was administered to a convenience sample of pharmaceutical salespeople from south-central region of Turkey, through a self-administered questionnaire. The findings suggested that there were differences between sex groups in psychological job outcomes except job stress, while there were differences between gender identity groups in all of them. There already exist sex differences and also gender identity differences regarding the job outcomes in sales force. Androgynous individuals have the most appropriate gender identity for sales profession, considering that they had a high level of job satisfaction and organizational commitment and a low level of job stress and intention to leave.

Determination and Comparison of Sexual Dysfunctions of Women With and Without Infertility Problems

Economic violence against women: A case in Turkey

The aim of this study is to define and compare sexual dysfunctions of women with and without infertility problems. This descriptive and comparative study was conducted between February and February It was determined that while total mean score of FSFI of the women without infertility problems was The difference between FSFI sub-scale and total mean score of women with and without infertility problems was not statistically significant. It was found that As a result of FSFI scores of the women with and without infertility problems, it was concluded that both groups had sexual dysfunctions and there was no statistically significant difference between them.

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Background: In Turkey, almost every 4 out of 10 married women have been subjected to physical abuse by their spouses. Objective: Our study examined the attitudes and behaviors of Erzurum City medical emergency services workers towards violence against women, and their relationship with sexist attitudes. Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted among medical emergency service personnel using a self-administered questionnaire of 35 items, which included two scales utilizing a three-point Likert format; 15 questions measured attitudes and behaviors towards violence against women VAW and 12 items measured sexist attitudes. Results: The mean age of participants was Less than half of the participants