Why spank an adult

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Spanking, Whooping, Beating It’s All Hitting

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January 2, by Dr. Jack Stoltzfus. Spanking of younger children is often a default action when all else fails and the parent is utterly frustrated. When my brother and I were in our late teens and he was home from college for the summer, we were catching up on things by talking and laughing late into the night.

Here‘s Literally Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Spanking

Spanking is a common form of corporal punishment involving the act of striking, with either the palm of the hand or an implement, the buttocks of a person to cause them physical pain. Although the term spanking broadly encompasses the use of either the hand or implement, the use of implements can also refer to the administration of more specific types of corporal punishment such as caning , paddling and slippering. Parents may spank a child in response to undesired behavior.
There is now a national conversation about the difference between spanking and physical abuse. Many Americans are uncomfortable about physical punishment that injures children, but still favor milder forms such as spanking. In accepting spanking as a form of discipline, we, as a country, are condoning violence against children. Spanking is hitting, plain and simple. Think about it.