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Please note: Only a small number of adoptions have been finalised from Sri Lanka. Preference is given to applicants with Sri Lankan Heritage. Most children in need of intercountry adoption are less than 3 years old. Older children between 4 and 14 years are also available for adoption. You may indicate a preference for the gender of your child but, as Sri Lankan families prefer girls, there are more boys available for adoption. You will also need to meet the following Sri Lankan criteria:.

Still waiting for answers into Sri Lankan’s death a month ago

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A few nights ago Tuan Mohamed Saleh Nona Faris heard a rustling outside her house and saw a shadow move. I couldn't see his face or hands," the elderly lady in the west coast fishing district of Puttalam said. Over the last few weeks large swathes of the country have been gripped by a fear of nocturnal prowlers who have frequented rural areas assaulting women at night. The media and the public were swift to dub the intruders "grease devils". This is an old caricature referring to malevolent men who smear themselves in grease to avoid being caught. But this wave of violence has spawned a series of brutal retaliatory vigilante attacks.

Wanting to meet outdoor girl in Ostend

The Sri Lankan government must ensure that the more than 1, refugees and asylum-seekers forced from their homes by violent mobs in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday massacre are immediately provided with adequate security, food, shelter and healthcare, Amnesty International said today. Living in fear of further attacks as anti-Muslim violence rises in Sri Lanka, these people are currently languishing in overcrowded community centres and a police station, offered to them in goodwill as places of temporary shelter. Amid dire conditions, they lack proper places to sleep, clean and adequate sanitation facilities, access to medical attention to treat illnesses that have proliferated in the makeshift shelters. Targeted by mobs who blame them for the 21 April attacks that killed more than people at three churches and three hotels, the refugees and asylum-seekers — many belonging to persecuted religious minorities from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan — say they are reliving the horrors that forced them to originally flee their own countries. They had hoped to find safety in Sri Lanka after fleeing the violence of bigoted mobs in their own countries.
Haruka Ono. Supporters of a Sri Lankan woman who died while being held in detention for overstaying her visa are demanding answers after the release of an interim report failed to establish the cause of her death more than a month ago. The Immigration Services Agency released its interim report on April 9 but said it still had not determined why the year-old woman died. A final report will be released following a thorough autopsy, officials said. The delay means that funeral services have yet to be held, the woman said, adding that Immigration Services Agency officials had handed over the belongings of her late friend.