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Francisco Kjolseth The Salt Lake Tribune Carl Rupp, founder of Snowie, talks about the changes he has made since starting his first shaved ice business year-ago, and how he continues to refine and create new machines and mobile units to deliver the sweet frozen ice treat. Every day, Rupp would see a crowd of people outside a tiny shack near his St. Louis apartment and wonder what the fuss was about. It was so different than the snow cones he remembered, where the ice was crunchy and the flavoring pooled in the bottom of the paper, cone-shaped cup. Snowie, their Utah-based business, sells everything a person would need to run a shaved ice operation — from small, medium and large ice shavers to nearly flavored syrups to fiberglass kiosks and colorful food trucks. The company sells its products in all 50 states and more than 50 countries and estimates that million shaved ice cups have been sold using the Snowie shavers.

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As the only national distributor of Hatsuyuki Shave Ice Machines, Real Hawaiian Ice is here for all your shave ice needs— big and small. Our bundles include Hawaiian shave ice machines, supplies, and authentic shave ice syrups - everything you need to start your own Hawaiian shave ice business! As the only national distributor of Hatsuyuki Shave Ice Machines, Real Hawaiian Ice is here for all your shave ice needs - big and small. Real Hawaiian Ice is the leading national distributor of Hatsuyuki ice shavers. We supply this compact, efficient, and durable Japanese machinery to help you bring your shave ice business to life.

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Here at Snowie Shaved Ice, the focus of our business is providing you with a shaved ice business opportunity! Carl Rupp and Gordon Rupp, co-owners of Snowie, have been influencers in the shaved ice industry for 35 years, and together have invented many of the fastest and most popular ice shavers used throughout the snow cone business world. From Buildings to Buses, Shavers to Flavors! No location restrictions! Little Snowie Max — Premium Kit.
Hypothermias is unique in the shaved ice industry because not only do we sell shaved ice supplies and Hatsuyuki ice shaverswe use them. We feel the Hatsuyuki meaning fresh or first snow in Japanese ice machines are the unsurpassed, best in the industry for their durability, quality and simplicity. The quality of the snow produced by any model of Hatsuyuki's line of shavers is exceptionally fine and fluffy and enjoyable enough to eat even without flavor. Hypothermias has been in the shaved ice industry for over 23 years with extensive knowledge of the Hatsuyuki ice shavers and how to run a successful shaved ice operation.