Roof penetration extensions

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Roof Curbs , Extensions and. Prefabricated roof curbs reduce installation time and costs by ensuring compatibility between the fan,. A wide variety of roof curbs are available including: flanged, straight-sided, canted,. Extensions raise the fan discharge and can provide an accessible mounting location for dampers. More than 50 configurations are stocked in our strategically located Greenheck. Count on personal service and expertise from our national and international.

Roof Curbs

Roof Curbs, Extensions and Equipment Supports - Greenheck

While we may complain a little about the comfort and energy costs of older homes, we also speak with reverence of their durability. There are a number of reasons why older homes have endured the test of time. One reason is the difference between the dimension lumber used to construct older homes and the growing number of composite materials used in newer frame construction. While some composite materials are more durable than traditional framing and sheathing materials, others are less durable and are not able to survive wetting and drying cycles as well as dimension lumber. Another factor that contributes to the durability of homes is their ability to resist Minnesota weather. On the exterior of homes, building materials that can't stand up to repeated exposure to water must be protected by another layer.

Natural Daylight in Extensions

Natural daylight is the perfect ingredient for extensions. Once added, natural light has the ability to make your extra space feel extra spacious. It can impact on all aspects of interior design, make a room come to life and connect it to the outside. Thanks to daylight, you have the opportunity to create something special.
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