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Many toys are made with safety in mind, but no toy is totally safe. Toys that break or are misused can become dangerous. These tips will help you choose and maintain safe toys. Toys are age-graded for safety.

Toy Safety

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Anyone who has ever watched a toddler methodically take apart a Tupperware drawer should know that many children are natural-born engineers. Your only job as a parent is to nurture their creativity Between us, product reviewer Scott Gilbertson and I have five kids. This, honestly, is the most fun part of my job—calling in toys for my kids and I to test together and recommend to you.

13 Smart STEM Toys for the Techie Kids in Your Life

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The category has matured to offer an interesting range of options for children across a wide span of ages, shedding some of its earlier reliance on Disney IP in favor of more original ideas. And some price tags can seem tricky to justify. This article contains links to affiliate partners where available. When you buy through these links, TechCrunch may earn an affiliate commission. But hook it up to its companion iPad app and kids get guidance on how to tweak gameplay and design their own games via a drag-and-drop learn-to-code interface.