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My husband, Amal, used to spend a lot of time in helicopters, his bow tie peeking out of his flight suit. This was in Baltimore, where he and I were pediatricians. When I expressed worry about him doing this, he would point out that more people die in cars than helicopters. And then, four years and two children into our marriage, I watched from a trailing car as the rear left tire exploded on the S. In the years since his death, my grief subsided — enough for me to consider dating, of all people, a helicopter engineer.

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Finding Love and All Its Quirks, Even If 2,654 Miles Away

In the summer of , Stephen Paskey was on vacation, sitting in an Istanbul cafe, smoking a hookah. In a few years, he thought, he would retire and maybe move to South America. Eight months later, back home in Buffalo, he connected with Sarah Lenz online.
Not everybody wants a relationship. Time constraints and the limited hours in a day often make it impossible to invest the kind of time and emotional energy needed to cultivate a relationship. So, casual encounters are a simple and straightforward answer. The pandemic is cramping our style with bar closures in some states, and social occasions are experiencing the worst drought in recent memory.