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Yachting in Hong Kong is best enjoyed during summers when you are not bogged down by unusually strong gusts of wind and torrential rains dampening your yachts along with your spirit. It is the official sailing season here and this means that you might find yourself steering the yachts amidst fellow sailors, especially around the beaches of Sai Kung but that has its own charm. The island of Hong Kong has so many mesmerizing locales that no matter where you go, you would find yourself looking at breath taking vistas. Watching a sunset is romantic but watching it with your partner from the deck of your yachts while the two of you share a drink, takes the romance several notches higher. As the sunlight fades away at Victoria Harbor and you see the Hong Kong Skyline illuminated with the lights of the city you feel yourself getting filled with a sense of calm.

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And this is what you should do when yachting in Hong Kong? – MyYacht Moments

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