Latex catfish review

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Most of the tabs have info circles that give you quick summarized comments. To view the different categories simple move your mouse over each of the icons around the circle or on touch devices simply touch each icon around the circle. I have and continue to buy many catsuits, shorts, and other rubber items from them and love their work, a bit on the pricey side but not much on the market compare to their products. In the end I went with the next gauge thinner and finally got my suit a month after all that. The suit is very well made and I do love it they just need to work on their communication skills. I ordered this in Feb.

Latex Catfish Reviews

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Latex Catfish Reviews

Dear Michael Nielsen, Please accept our apologies to delay your order, now we the Catfish Chinese manufacturer broke up with our USA partner who has cooperated with us for years and is responsible for receiving payment for online orders. We are writing to you to explain what we are going to do and what will be the possible option for you to protect your right. After you place the order on our website latexcatfish. We are not able to ask them our USA partner to cancel or refund the order now and we are not sure if they are willing to do so. So from our point of view, we will suggest you cancel the order and request refund from PayPal or Credit cart at your side first, if you still want the products, we will launch a new website still with same domain name latexcatfish.
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