Irritated bikini line razor burn

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How to get rid of razor burn, bumps and ingrown hair

Razor burn near the vagina: Treatments and shaving tips

When skin rubs against skin, clothing, or other materials it can become raw and irritated. Whether you lead an active lifestyle or simply have a few curvy areas, chafing can make everyday activities like walking annoying--if not downright painful. Shaving is a convenient way to remove unwanted hair, but razor burn is a common side effect that can cause irritation on some of the most sensitive areas of the body like the bikini line. Razor burn can cause your hair follicles to become painfully inflamed. Waxing can also cause red, raised, raw skin similar to shaving.

Chafing & Razor Burn

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Shaving is a popular, affordable option for removing pubic hair.
If you're not that into pubic hair, you'll probably know the immense, all-consuming discomfort you feel the day after shaving your bikini region. It's so awful, it makes many women turn to the pricier and ouchier waxing instead, or just leaving it au naturel to save all the hassle and cash which, btw, we're all for. But one Reddit user , who previously worked as a stripper for four years so knows what it's like to have her crotch quite literally in the spotlight, has shared her trusted techniques to a blemish-free bikini area after shaving. Since they are made for faces, they are extra gentle. Skin Doctors contains Acetylsalicylic and glycolic acid - both of which are known for their ability to dissolve any build up of dead skin cells from the surface of the dermis and prevent pores clogging and ingrown hairs.