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Have you ever worked with a person so nasty that you hated going to work? In an ideal world, people would treat others with respect, patience, and kindness. Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from til , and once the most powerful man on earth, said it best:. Our job is to do them good and put up with them. But in real life, things are a bit different.

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A Quick And Easy Survival Guide For Dealing With Assholes - Darius Foroux

Have you ever had someone deliberately be an asshole to you? Of course, you have. If someone is deliberately annoying or disrespectful, you can describe them as an asshole. If they talk over you, ignore your boundaries, or get up into your business, then they are definitely one. If you were a true asshole, you most likely would deny it. They have no consideration or respect for other people, are passive-aggressive if it suits them , and seem to get off on causing trouble. No matter what you call them— an asshole , jerk, dickhead, or worse, these types of people often infiltrate your life and challenge you to the task of dealing with them calmly, professionally, and without losing your cool.

How to Deal With a Jerk Without Being a Jerk

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A couple of years ago I was discussing a study of the habits of great musical composers when an audience member interrupted. Early in my career, I had let nasty people walk all over me. When a boss threatened to fire me for defending a colleague who was treated poorly, I said nothing. But this time, I was prepared: I had trained as a conflict mediator, worked as a negotiator and become an organizational psychologist. They might steal credit for your successes, blame you for their failures, invade your privacy or break their promises, or bad-mouth you, scream at you and belittle you.