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I have been insecure about the way my vagina looks for as long as I can remember. When I was young, I would fantasize about the day I would grow pubic hair long enough to cover its unsightliness. That day never came, and I was left with an enormous insecurity about it. My labia minora is oversize quite a bit. I know that this is not uncommon, but its unattractiveness holds me back from receiving oral sex. Any advice that might help dispel a lifetime of genital embarrassment?

I'm With Him: Why Am I Apologizing for My Vagina?

My boyfriend says my vagina is repulsive | Sex | The Guardian

My boyfriend of three years has never actively looked at my vagina or shown the slightest interest in it other than the usual foreplay. He performs oral sex occasionally but always under the darkness of the duvet and has admitted he doesn't find vaginas particularly attractive, joking that mine is especially repulsive. I feel hugely hurt and ashamed and his behaviour makes me consider him childish. He jokes that bodily fluids are disgusting and always washes after sex. I feel self-conscious and unattractive and worry that we'll never enjoy the explorative sex life I've had with previous partners. Besides biological factors, each person's sexuality is created and influenced by early experiences: family attitudes to sex, friends, religion, along with the messages about sex received from school, the media and society. Your boyfriend's background may have made it difficult for him to be comfortable with his sexuality, or with your genitals.

I'm embarrassed by my unattractive vagina

The guys I've been with have all thought they had the best penises. I can't think of a single one who turned down a blow job. They never asked, not even out of fake courtesy, "Are you sure? As it should be.
Seriously now that I'm reading what you said again and I cudnt agree more. You and your older brother rock! I think most men do that.