Finding out the sex of twins

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How early can I know the gender of twins?

How early can you find out gender of twins - Multiples and Twins | Forums | What to Expect

Podcast: Download. There are really two ways to determine the gender of your twins, one via blood work and the other via ultrasound. If you do any kind of chromosomal testing, this can help determine the gender of your twins a few weeks earlier than an ultrasound. Noninvasive prenatal testing NIPT is a test typically done around 10 weeks of the pregnancy to screen for Down Syndrome. As this test looks at DNA, it will see the chromosomes of your babies. Because a twin pregnancy tends to be a higher-risk pregnancy, your doctor is going to want to keep a close eye on mom and the babies. This means more ultrasounds that could give you a sneak peek at the gender of your twins earlier than a singleton pregnancy.

How early can you find out gender of twins

Decades ago, most women who were pregnant with multiples didn't find out until they were in labor. But such late-term surprises are rare today. Women typically discover they're having more than one baby during an ultrasound , often in the first trimester.
Now that there are twins on the way I feel like we should, but we are having such a tough time deciding. Does anyone have any insight into this? Then we found out we were having twins and I decided I was good on surprises for life. Shopping after they were here?