Female vagina video

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The internal genital organs form a pathway the genital tract. This pathway consists of the following:. The hymen, a mucous membrane, is located at the beginning of the genital tract, just inside the opening of the vagina see figure External Female Genital Organs. In virgins, the hymen usually encircles the opening like a tight ring, but it may completely cover the opening.

Here's a Video of 5 Women Seeing Their Vaginas for the ~**VERY FIRST Time

This is a Video of 5 Women Seeing Their Vaginas for the First Time

A very "talented" actor and guitar teacher tries his luck in some movie and theater auditions with a self-contained monologue that he wrote. The play is called "Pussy". He is also a cannibal. Lavrentios Papakalergis : I come from pussy.

Vaginal Abnormalities: Vaginal Agenesis

Vaginal agenesis is a birth defect that affects few women 1 out of 5, But unless it is fixed, it can make sex and having a baby impossible. It occurs when the vagina does not develop fully.
If you have had unprotected sex and think that peeing can make your life easier, we have a truth bomb we are about drop on you. To think that the victim, who is a child in this case, had to see her experience diminished and trivialised by the very court and law that is meant to ensure her protection, is disturbing on many levels. A look at the dark side of the beauty business. Other than this, women feel shy or embarrassed when talking about vaginas. Ritu Bhatia, who translated the play 'Vagina Monologues' into Hindi, titled 'Kissa Yoni Ka', talks to us on the occasion of the eighth anniversay of the play.