Asian love quotes

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I had an "ichi-go ichi-e" meeting on the subway ride home this evening with the gal sitting next to me. We talked all the way home a minute ride! It was like talking with an old friend and many laughs were shared. At the end, I gifted her with a peace dove and.

These Asian Quotes Will Help You Woo Asian Women

Famous Chinese Quotes, Proverbs About Love, Life & Success

So, why not add some romantic vocabulary to your Chinese language repertoire by studying Chinese proverbs about love? Proverbs are popular sayings that often dispense advice or speak the truth about the world. In any language, proverbs come from many sources , including historical texts, poetry and pop culture. In Chinese, as in other languages, looking up the context of a proverb can illuminate a piece of classical literature or teach you about historical beliefs and customs. But whether you choose to study the origins of proverbs or not, learning these sayings will enrich your vocabulary and add nuance to the romantic ideas you want to express.

Asian Love Quotes

Without a doubt, Love is a common theme throughout history because it is one of the most powerful human emotions that helps bind people together. Just as with other cultures, the Chinese have a lot of sayings about Love. Here are twelve Chinese proverbs about love which can help you understand this emotion from the point of view of Chinese culture:. In the heaven we shall be birds flying side by side, and on the earth we shall be twinned trunks flowering sprigs on the same branch. With affection, the lovers could feel enough though they only drink water, but without affection, the lovers could be hungry though they eat food.
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