10 worst nude scenes

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The Guardian described those in the latter as though they were directed by someone who has never actually had sex. What better way to kick off this list than the sex scene widely regarded as the most unintentionally hilarious of all time. One particular sex scene is largely to blame, as the one-time Jessie Spano and should-know-better Kyle MacLachlan wildly thrash around in a swimming pool like a couple of dolphins caught in a fishing net. Berkley and MacLachlan appear relatively restrained compared to the two adulterous leads in drama Damage. Here, Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche dramatically writhe around like two wild cats on heat in various scenes which aim for lustful but end up being purely laughable.

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The 10 Worst Sex Scenes Of All Time | Decider

We spend a lot of time talking about the steamiest scenes hidden in our favorite shows and movies, both as general consumers of pop culture and here at Decider. Some scenes embrace their terrible nature with ruthless abandon, happily inserting enough CGI animals and near assault plot lines to make everyone uncomfortable. But the best selections of this sub-genre are almost always the scenes that started out with genuine intentions but fell miserably flat. These actors, writers, and directors wanted audiences to feel intimacy or deep-seated passion in these moments, and instead they were met by groans and laughter. Below are some of the most embarrassingly awful and mentally scarring sex scenes in film history. Watch and enjoy. Watchmen was criticized for a variety of reasons — its lack of subtlety when compared to its source material, its delight in ultra-violence, and its love of blue CGI penises all come to mind.

10 Worst Sex Scenes in Movies Ever

It was, despite the somber tone of a few films, what you might call a feel-good ranking. There is nothing to feel good about in our latest inventory of sex scenes, all of which are entirely un-sexy. Any and all of these adjectives can be found in our list of the 25 worst sex scenes in movie history.
Skip navigation! Story from Movies. In a perfect world, there would be no embarrassing sex stories. No one would ever fall off beds, make weird noises, or stumble upon an unexpected surprise mid-coitus. But in reality, the coming together of bodies can be a clunky affair.