Smells lick shit

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Edited 1 day ago , users are following. I have this horrid poo smell from my mouth. I brush my teeth twice a day, floss, use Dentyl PH mouthwash, I have the best oral hygeine of anyone I know but I still have this smell. I am too embarrassed to even ask my flriends or family to tell me my breath stinks. I am becoming totally reclusive because of it.

Smells Like Shit

Breath smells like faeces (Poo) | Page 14 | Oral and Dental Problems | Forums | Patient

From a bowel obstruction to an abscessed tooth, there are several potential causes of a feces-like odor on the breath. In this article, we provide detailed descriptions of the six most common causes. We also discuss when to see a doctor. Strong-smelling food is not always the cause of bad breath.

This stinks! My boyfriend smells like poop

My boyfriend and I have been dating for three months. I have noticed that he does not use a washcloth when he showers. As a result, I think he does not wash his backside very well and I smell him. When he sits on the couch an odor is left behind, and as he stands I catch a strong whiff. How do I tell a grown man to wash his backside?
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