Portable stripper pole stage

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Portable stripper pole with stage ,aluminum plywood stage. Aluminum frame enhances the durability of the riser,providing a rigid quality product for years to come. CE acrylic stripper pole performance stage. Portable stripper pole with stage for sale. Heavy duty fashion show stage ,Portable stripper pole with stage ,aluminum plywood stage. Material:Aluminum alloy 2.

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stripper pole stage

The X-Stage Standard which is a fully portable stand alone dancing pole with a stage meets all of the following requirements: portability, ease of transportation and set up, large circular dance area with no corners or sharp edges, static and spinning functions, multi piece pole tube, hi-stability for use without weight for anything but extreme moves and the most importantly, value for money. Everything needed for setup comes in your X-Stage kit and only takes a few minutes to assemble. The X-Stage Standard includes the stage and multi-piece pole that is both stationary and spinning. Once assembled pole stands Additional extensions can be purchased separately for lower ceiling heights.
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