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We've answered some of the most common ones below. Try not to make assumptions and let them come and tell you in their own time. The best thing you can do is put your feelings to one side and remember that, regardless of your child's sexual orientation and gender identity, you love them and want them to be happy. One thing you can do is give them the information they need to make good decisions. You can contact Stonewall's Information Service for pointers. One of the hardest things for LGBT people to face is rejection from their friends and family.

Coming Out: Information for Parents of LGBTQ Teens

Coming Out: Information for Parents of LGBTQ Teens -

Parenting is full of surprises. From the day your child was born, parenting likely took unexpected twists and turns. Worry about how their child will be treated by others. Be intentional about taking time to talk through issues and listen to your child. Oftentimes, kids and teens have difficulty opening up , so start small and be persistent. Staying connected makes it easier for your kids to approach you with bigger and more complex issues like sexuality, identity, discrimination, or even harassment and violence.

Coming out - advice and guidance for parents

This suggests that it is not the sexual orientation of bisexual parents per se that predicts more child difficulties, but rather the increased stigma these parents face, which could be mitigated by more support and acceptance. Earlier research also finds that bisexual parents experience greater difficulties, possibly because of the discrimination that bisexual people face. In this sample, 0. The sample revealed some diversity not detected in studies that specifically select families for study. The results back up earlier research that finds no differences on average between children raised in LGB-headed families and heterosexual families in terms of psychosocial adjustment, peer relations, romantic relationships, sexual behavior, school outcomes, substance abuse, delinquency and experience of victimization.
Renata Sanders, M. Errol Lamont Fields, M. All parents want what's best for their kids.