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Brian liked watching, and getting perms, and female head shaving. He never made his hair fetish a secret to Stacy; in fact she was a willing participant. On many occasions she wrapped his hair in perm rods, and gave him tight curly perms every two months. When she did decide to get a perm it was very loose.

Christine and Jonathan

Stacy's Punishment - Hair Stories

This is the latest episode in an ongoing story. These are available at:. EDIT: Neither of these are available any more, old stories are available at f35hstories. Feedback is very welcome, either in comments here, or to f35h yahoo.

History of My Hair Fetish – 1990 to 1993

I do not know when my hair fetish began, but it seems to have been part of me since I first became interested in girls. It spans from when I was 13 in to the present. It is based on the best of my recollection, but probably includes some elaboration that may fill in the gaps. I also have to change facts to keeps these accounts private.
You had to be living under a rock this past year not to know the economy is in the pooper. But even in these economic hard times, people continue to buy houses. So it was when the old two-story cottage beside me went up for sale in the last quarter of