Cadaver facial muscles

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Background: The facial nerve controls facial muscles and expressions. Variability in branching patterns of the nerve creates variability in facial animation, which is evident in facial plastic surgery both between patients and ethnic groups and between sides of the face. Objective: The authors evaluate facial nerve branches in Persian Iranian cadavers, propose classification of the extratemporal nerve, determine topography of the nerve using fixed facial points, and define a new fixed point. Methods: Twenty-one cadavers were dissected, for a total of 42 hemifaces. Bicoronal and preauricular to submandibular incisions were made to deglove the face.

Variability of the midfacial muscles: analysis of 50 hemifacial cadaver dissections

Variability of the midfacial muscles: analysis of 50 hemifacial cadaver dissections

The nerve map of the human face, although important in guiding facial surgery, has not been well defined. In this study we applied a modified Sihler's technique to profile intramuscular innervation of human mimetic muscles. Six fresh cadaveric heads were used. The intramuscular distribution of the facial nerve in human mimetic muscles was visualized using a modified Sihler's technique. Modified Sihler's staining revealed a three-dimensional picture of the clearly purple-black intramuscular facial and sensory nerves. The nerve branching patterns of both facial halves were asymmetrical.

Dissection: Face & Facial Nerve

The region of the midface represents a challenging area to both reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons. An anatomic study was performed that attempted to identify patterns and variations of the muscular anatomy. The goals of this study were twofold: to identify patterns and variability of the midfacial muscles that might impact on reconstructive efforts and to attempt to correlate this anatomy with features of the overlying soft tissues, specifically the nasolabial crease.
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